our history and background

Magnum Forest Products was conceived with the idea of providing the ultimate lumber buying experience. With years of experience buying and selling, and slicing and dicing lumber into remanufactured products Magnum Forest Products hit the ground running in the spring of 2011.

A word from our president mike froese

Magnum Forest Products was founded on strong relationships with customers, suppliers and our transportation partners. Our commitment to integrity, honesty, and respect are the fundamental keys to our success. We are located centrally in the heart of the Canadian prairies to distribute lumber through the mid continent trade corridor in Canada and United States. Our most valued asset is our team. Years of experience and adapting to constantly changing market conditions has helped us build an expert knowledge in everything from remanufacturing to the wonders of the Softwood Lumber Agreement. Magnum Forest Products is a young and energetic company continuing to grow our market while strengthening our existing relationships. Our team is focused on providing customers the product they need; when they need it. Our reload centers allow us to move lumber to market in a cost effective way. Our flexibility allows us ship unique tallies by truck or rail car. With a focus on selling Canadian softwood lumber throughout Canada and the United States we can supply your lumber whether it be construction grade, #3, or economy; and we can do it all on one truck! We have one goal – customer satisfaction! I encourage you to connect with one of our expert sales staff to see how we can supply your lumber at a competitive price.

our awesome sales team:

Dave McWilliams

/ Trader

Longtime Minnesota Vikings and Winnipeg Jets fan has suffered years without celebrating a championship. In the off season Dave has been known to travel the world and slay the sastrugi while skiing in Alaska.


Mike Froese

/ President & Trader

Full time parent of four - Part time hack golfer. Die hard Winnipeg Jets fan waiting for the cup to come home.


Bryan Antoshko

/ Trader

Started in the lumber industry in 1994 after graduating from University of Manitoba. Found a nice girl, got married, had kids…..and the rest is history. Enjoy everything not related to winter and still live in Winnipeg. Big sports fan. Go Jets Go!


Colin McDougall

/ Trader

Lover of all outdoors activities; particularly back country travel. This striking chap has traveled the world only to return to Winnipeg where he has discovered and is pursuing a career in the wild and wonderful lumber industry.


Denton Boyd

/ Trader

Returning from a brief vacation to challenge for next year's Magnum Forest Products Fantasy Football Championship.


Bryce Romagnoli

/ Trader / USA & Canadian Logistics

Hailing from the Keystone province, the 2017 Magnum Forest Products Fantasy Football Cup champion has the biggest shot from the point on the Magnum team. Fourth best player on his beer league hockey team and Magnum's top-rated fantasy football wizard.


Edgar Villamar

/ Controller

Joined the Magnum in October 2011. A parent of two children who loves playing basketball, tennis and cycling. Go Jets! Go Packers!


Keri-Linn Naumik

/ Office Assistant