Magnum Forest Products has a strong network of sawmill relationships to supply a wide array of lumber products to meet our customers needs. From #2 & Better Hiline to "good" economy to forward pricing we've got you covered with years of experience. If you need a mixed truck of economy lumber and studs out of our Winnipeg distribution center give one of lumber traders a call to see how we can assist you.

Our products


Mill run rough and economy HT material for the pallet and crating industry

2x4 6'-16' #3 & Utility
2x6 6'-16' #3 & Utility
2x8 8'-16' #3 & Utility
2x10 8'-16' #3 & Utility
2x3 6'-16' Economy
2x4 6'-16' Economy
2x6 6'-16' Economy
2x8 8'-16' Economy
2x10 8'-16' Economy
1x4 8'-16' Mill Run Rough
1x6 8'-16' Mill Run Rough

Construction Grades Dimension

Surfaced softwood framing lumber for residential and commercial construction

2x4 8'-20' #2&Btr
2x4 8'-20' #2&Btr Premium
2x6 8'-20' #2&Btr
2x6 8'-20' #2&Btr Premium
2x8 8'-16' #2&Btr
2x20 8'-16' #2&Btr

Construction Grades Studs

Precision End Trim (PET) surfaced lumber for residential and commercial construction designed to be used full length

2x3 96'' Studs
2x4 92 5/8'' Studs
2x4 104 5/8'' Studs
2x6 92 5/8'' Studs
2x6 104 5/8'' Studs

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